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As well as retail businesses, our experienced team assist business owners to sell & buy mid-sized businesses valued from $1M to $10M.

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Our services include: 


Time to sell your business?
Aside from your home, your business is probably your largest investment. If you’re like us (who have all owned businesses) you’ve expended so much time and emotion in the ups and downs, staff, customers, suppliers, landlords, pandemics (no-one saw that one coming), and the list goes on. Running a business is not always easy and we don’t take lightly your decision to sell what you have worked so hard for and developed.

On this page we could simply tell you what you want to hear; but that’s not us. We want to listen to you, what you want to achieve, and why. Our expert opinions will come in only after we understand your business and how we can support you in your decision to seek new horizons.

To help you understand our methodology here is our 7 step plan to support you in the sale of your business.

  1. Business Profile – we analyse your business and the commercial environment to gain an understanding of your asset and the market dynamics
  2. Business Valuation – what’s your business worth? You’ll have a figure in mind (perhaps above what it should be as, wanting to sell your business, your focus will be on the benefits rather than drawbacks for a potential buyer), we’ll have a figure in mind (that’s our job to consider what a buyer may be thinking), but we need someone to take an independent view and come up with a valuation that will stand up to the strongest of critics and due diligence. To do this we will need your financials and a myriad of other information; it’s imperative to have all this ready before listing on the market so that the most professional business image is portrayed and no opportunities are missed.
  3. Finance – we work with a fiancé broker to come up with lending ratios. We do this to provide prospective buyers an estimate of the deposit they will require and other payment strategies. For example it’s best not to waste time with buyers who have a 30% deposit when your business will requires 50% , conversely we can advise a prospective buyer that they may only require a 30% deposit whereas they’ve been looking at business’s based 50%.
  4. Legal – I don’t know how many business’s over the years that we have seen that didn’t have their legal’ s done when the buyer was ready to commit, and by the time the contact of sale was finally finalised, the buyer went cold. Have the contact ready to go day 1, before the marketing starts, so if a buyer comes along and is ready to put pen to paper we are good to go.
  5. Marketing – Don’t be fooled by brokers who say that “we 100’s of clients on our books right now looking for business maybe just like yours”. We all have those but pocket book sales rarely happen. What we will do for you includes:
    • Personalised Marketing assets completed in-house by Sarah, our graphic design/marketing superstar.
    • Completion of full Business Profile document which covers business and market overview, independent valuation (including financials), finance advice, contract of sale, sale price and SAV (Stock at Value).
    • Advertising on all business sale sites. – We need to let the world know your business is for sale as, if you are genuinely wanting to sell, the more people that know about it the better. However we do understand you may have a desire for confidentiality; so we do not need to advertise your business name or any details that make your business directly identifiable.
    • Alerts via Linkedin (13,000+ Followers)
    • EDM’s to our buyer data base (3,000+)
    • Approach ‘like’ businesses to understand their potential expansion plans
    • Communicating to our extensive network of associates (accountants, finance brokers, financial planners, clients, etc..)
  6. Sales
    • We will respond to all enquiries from prospective buyers quickly and professionally.
    • All buyers will be required to have an initial discussion with one of our business specialists to ascertain what they are looking for and the mutual suitability.
    • Initially, only brief information is shared with a buyer to ensure confidentiality is maintained, but enough general information is provided for them to ascertain if this is potentially what they are looking for e.g. turnover, profit, SAV, general location.
    • All buyers will be required to complete our confidentiality agreement, and you will approve their request prior to any further information being released.
    • Once you approve it, your Business Profile is shared with the prospective buyer
    • We follow up in 7 days if we have not received any feedback sooner.
    • During the 1st month of releasing the business to market we schedule a weekly 30min meeting with our Vendors, then fortnightly after that or as frequent as you require.
    • When prospective buyers seek a personal viewing of the business, we will always attend with them. To protect your interests, buyers should never speak or negotiate directly with our clients without the presence of once of our business specialists.
  7. Negotiation
    • This is the exciting bit. We want to gain the best offer for your business but, more importantly, we need to make sure the prospective buyer is in a position to finalise on their offer to purchase.
    • We’ve seen it happen that a great offer is  accepted and a seller is excited to move on, only for the sale to fall over because a buyer doesn’t have the funds to complete. We will qualify the buyer and conduct checks such as proof of funds and finance approval to mitigate this happening.
    • You’ve accepted offer, but there is still plenty to do such as a buyer trial period, more due diligence, liaising with landlords for leasing changes, organising stocktake and stock values, transfer of other business assets, etc. We will be with our you through the whole process ensuring that the sale runs as smoothly as possible.
    • We have been through this ourselves many times and we understand that change creates uncertainty. In these final stages we can be more a counsellor than business agent as there can be many emotions to navigate not just with yourselves, but with staff, landlords and other stakeholders. We will assist where we can to make the transition as seamless as possible
    • SOLD

We have tried to keep the steps to SOLD as simple as possible and we hope the above helps.

If you have any further questions or want to discuss the sale of your business please do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential and obligation free discussion.


We provide the following services to our clients:


  • Selling (specialising in wholesale and distribution as well as retail businesses valued from $1M to $10M).
  • Acquisitions
  • Appraisals
  • Negotiations
  • Business Plans
  • Marketing
  • ‘Key Person’ and Executive Recruitment
  • Human Resources


  • Certified Independent Valuations
  • Finance
  • Legal


“This is all sounds great but what is the investment to make this happen?”
We have made it as simple as possible based on our 7 step sales strategy.

Upfront* – $15,000 (Exc GST)

  1. Business Profile including Analysis of your Business and the Commercial Environment – $0
  2. Business Valuation – $6,500 Ex GST
  3. Finance – $0
  4. Legal inc preparation of the sale and assignment of lease contracts– $3,500 Ex GST
  5. Marketing – $5,000 Ex GST

Only payable if we sell

  1. Sales Process – $0
  2. Negotiation (SOLD) – 10% Inc GST of the total sale price (including goodwill, stock, assets, etc..)

*not refundable and based on typical businesses we sell. If there are any changes to these you will be informed prior to signing our sales agreement.

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